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PLEASE NOTE : This is an application for accommodation only, is subject to approval and does not guarantee you a place. All our automated emails are sent via our email service and direct email will be sent from Please check your spam/junk folder or contact us if you have not heard from us within 24 hours.


Terms and Conditions

If a room is available, a booking deposit is required to reserve a room at ScholarLee Accommodation. If a room is available, the booking deposit will be held as a security deposit and will be refunded on departure, subject to terms and conditions. A cancellation charge will apply to all canceled bookings. The security deposit cannot be refunded if a resident leaves before the end of the accommodation contract.


All residents are responsible for accommodation payments for the full duration of their stay. If a resident wishes to cancel during the academic year we will do our best to find an alternative, suitable resident to fill the room. If the room is vacant, liability for the room fee remains the responsibility of the person on the accommodation contract until the contract terminates.


Completion of this booking form does not guarantee you a room at ScholarLee Accommodation. Whilst every effort will be made to provide you with your accommodation preference, this is not always possible. No guarantee can be given on room type, location, house or fellow residents. If your choice of ScholarLee Accommodation is fully booked, we will endeavor to place you in one of our other sites.


Nothing in this Booking Form will constitute a landlord/tenant relationship within the meaning of the Landlord and Tenants Acts, or otherwise.

In regards to making a payment please ensure you have completed and sent an enquiry form; once received, we will make contact with you directly and arrange payment.


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